World of Amelia

World of Amelia

7 Days to Die

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About Section:

Things to know about the cluster:

  • Players always start with a bike. 
  • Players will have in their inventory a small boost of items to help get started. 500 blocks and the regular starting kit from base-game, plus a bit of extra food. 
  • Custom Weapons, zombies and POI, all server side!
  • Hunger consumption and the number of zombies in cities is increased to create a more difficult experience. 
  • Get rewards everyday you vote for our servers!
  • Open a ticket if you experience any issues or need help. Our Staff Team will be there to help you as soon as possible!

General Settings:

  • No server wipes without community vote
  • High zombie spawn rate
  • A ‘Fully Dedicated’ server-hosted machine with incredible specs
  • Claim blocks expire after 21 real life days
  • Region resets every day in unclaimed territory
  • A reworked economy to extend the games lifeline
  • Professions and Trading for encouraged cooperation
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